At “G” (green) Beauty Schools, we are focused on providing a quality education with the highest levels of student satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

As we grow, we are becoming known as the nation’s premier skin care educational provider. Our students are supervised during the development of their skills and their knowledge in the science of the skin, its functions, and the most up-to-date esthetician treatment modalities.

Because G Skin & Beauty Institute has become known as the preeminent skin care educator, we are touting the benefits of the specialized training in the area of organics. As a diverse training institution, we have the ability to train, research protocals, and teach with organic and natural products. At G Skin & Beauty Institute, we are proud of this bold commitment to the organic movement. We believe that this is a great choice for the health of the skin of our clients and for our students’ education. G Beauty Products’ Organic line is made with superior natural and organic ingredients. All products contain no chemical irritants, synthetic pestacides, herbacides, and genetically modified organisms such as petroleum waxes, artificial chemicals and fillers which all can be harmful to the skin. Our students apply their knowledge of organics while working with the finest essential oils, exotic butters, and various botanical oils from all over the world. G Skin & Beauty Institute protocols have been researched and tested to ensure that our clients achieve results that are unsurpassed.