Key Issues

2017 Legislative Assessment Form – Support IACS’ Effort in Protecting Your School

New 100th Illinois General Assembly Has Arrived

The 100th Illinois General Assembly began January 2017. IACS anticipates upwards of 10,000 new pieces of legislation to be introduced over the course of the next two years. IACS actively reviews all bills introduced to ensure that any legislation deemed harmful to the cosmetology school industry is prohibited from moving forward. In addition, IACS will lobby for any issues, either in Rule or in the Legislature, that better protects its members, students and the customers they serve.

Electronic Witness Slip

Please follow the directions below to file an electronic witness slip on any legislation that IACS is calling for member action.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the red GA Dashboard
  3. Click on House or Senate; Committee Hearing; Week.
  4. Complete the witness slip.